T cells targeting multiple tumor antigens are the cornerstone of MANA’s approach

This is a versatile platform that can be scaled or tailored across multiple dimensions: breadth, complexity, composition, and combination with other therapies.


We all make these cells - they just need a bit of coaxing to unleash their full anti-tumor potential. At Mana, our scientists have been at the forefront of this groundbreaking research for over a decade. The precise stimulation and education of these cells are the keys to our specific activity. As natural extensions of the body's processes for mounting its defenses, they exhibit significantly less toxicity than other cell therapies. 


Mana's commitment to developing these products reflects its core belief: the cure is inside us all along - we just need to educate these immune cells so they can eliminate cancer.

MANA’s approach using multi-TAA T cells

Cells can be obtained from

multiple sources

Isolate and activate tumor-specific T cells using Mana's proprietary technology

Use overlapping peptides as antigen source and grow large numbers of T cells

Outpatient infusion of T cell products

Multi-antigen T cells have significant advantages over engineered systems

CAR-T Cells

Gene modified to express CAR construct

Target finite number of cell-surface antigens

Antigen loss and tumor escape significant issues

Significant toxicity

MTX: Multi Antigen Specific T Cells

Expanded, and trained, endogenous cells

Target significant array of MHC-presented antigens

Decreased risk of tumor escape due to antigen loss

Minimal toxicity

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